About Us


To encourage all to be witnesses for Christ through circumstances, common interests, talents, passion, and God’s timing.



It is often through life’s trials & triumphs that we “BELIEVERS” are called to be witnesses of God’s love, grace, and mercy to those He places in our path. The betrayed wife or husband, grieving parent, the sick, hurting, lonely, needy, addict, prisoner, survivor, over-comer, or maybe a nurse, athlete, or soldier…the “Improbables” that God pulls from the pit or plucks from the mountaintop to become the “hands and feet” of Christ, those He calls to testify of the GOOD He works in all things, of a PEACE that surpasses all understanding, of a LOVE that covers a multitude of sins, or a FAITH that moves mountains.

Regardless whether your story lies in tragedy, pain, failure, success or defying all odds and overcoming the IMPOSSIBLE…as “Believers” WE ARE ALL WITNESSES for CHRIST. While no one can reach everyone, everyone can reach someone. For many their first encounter with Jesus will not come from the pulpit or a Sunday morning altar call, it will come through people like you and I on “common ground”, a bunch of “blessed messes” brought from a place of “nowhere” to “somewhere” at at an appointed time to speak life into “some situation” or “some unbeliever”.